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Garden Design in Ireland

It's hard on your own, that's why we offer garden design consultations

Ardcarne Garden Centres landscaping and design service offers one of the best services for Garden Design in Ireland, and is for the client who wants to create a new garden or overhaul an existing garden. It entails a site visit from one of our professional horticulturists, experienced in design - all major aspects of the site are considered and advice is given on an individual basis, including but not limited to advice on: Problems such as difficult slopes or changes in ground levels, drainage, evaluation and advice on top soil, outline and design of the driveway, advice on selection and positioning of important plant features eg. trees and boundary hedges etc.

Planning is key, so we offer garden design in Ireland

A site visit from the Landscape and Design team usually takes about 2 hours. Before the design session takes place, the client should ideally have considered what kind of garden they would like and what features they would like to be included.  Our landscape and design team will indicate what ideas they have regarding the site during the consultation and any advice and information will be documented, bearing in mind contemporary and traditional Garden Design in Ireland

Please note that our design service is not a sales session by our designer. It is a ‘stand alone’ service geared towards developing the best solution for Garden Design in Ireland.  It is designed to suit your specific needs and budget, and is separate from our landscaping service.  You can find out more about our landscape and design service on our website.

 Garden design in Ireland Garden design in Ireland