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Gardening in Ireland

Gardening in Ireland is different to the UK or other countries. The weather, the soil and the lifestyle are all factors which separate us as Irish gardeners. Gardening in Ireland is something that we're known for at Ardcarne, and it's something that we live and breath for. This company ethos is instilled unto all of our employees who love our business as much as we do - So always feel free to ask gardening questions to any member of staff! Visit us today to find out the answers to our botany questions.

Let's talk about gardening in Ireland

Gardening in Ireland is one of the best and most enjoyable things any Irish person can do in life!  And if you are looking for inspiration, look no further than Ardcarne Garden Centres, both in Roscommon Town and in Boyle.  We have hundreds of ideas and garden tips to help you. Whether you are after quick wins on urban gardening in Ireland, or you want something more in-depth. Once you speak to our staff, you'll realise that it's easy to see why we are Ireland's favourite garden centre. We have two centres in both Boyle and Roscommon Town, so you aren't short for choice. Our plants will make your garden look a lot more colourful and our staff will ensure that you are given the best in customer service. Visit us today to find out for yourself how we've revolutionised the garden centre experience in Ireland.

gardening in Ireland

Ireland has a unique ability to produce the most beautiful gardens and that's why we put so much time and effort into helping you find just what works for you. As we recognise Ireland's original landscape is different from that of other countries, we can really help you utilise the beauty of our nations setting, and make sure that your incorporating the essence of Ireland in what you're doing. We run a series of gardening classes to inspire you and to help you get more from your garden - so do come and see us soon to see what we offer, as well as using our experience and knowledge of gardening in Ireland to help you make the most of your garden!

gardening in Ireland

Ardcarne Gardening in Ireland

We have two Garden Centres, both independently owned, throughout Ireland.  Ours are situated in Roscommon Town and Boyle, and you can see more about gardening in Ireland here.

gardening in Ireland gardening in Ireland