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The gardening world has its chance to hog the limelight this week as BLOOM Flower Show, opens its doors to a dazzling display of cutting-edge design, mouth-wateringly beautiful plants and inspirational ideas.

If you don't get the chance to go this year you’ll find all the stars of the show in pride of place here at Ardcarne Garden Centre, from foxgloves and roses to trendy geums in zesty shades, so you can enjoy the BLOOM look right outside your back door.

Hope you have a great Bank Holiday Weekend



Bank Holiday Offers

Free Music at Ardcarne Garden Cafe

Enjoy your garden this Bank Holiday!


The garden really beckons at this time of year with lots of fun to be had from playing or relaxing on the lawn and colour overflowing from pots and borders. And of course the weather is only gorgeous!

You’ll find lots of fantastic special offers going on at the garden centre for you to enjoy, so pay us a visit and you’ll start your weekend ready and raring to go.

Here are the jobs to put at the top of your to-do list:

Plant up pots and hanging baskets with your favourite summer bedding

Spruce up the lawn so it’s neat and tidy ready for picnics and ball games. We've all the best lawn fertilisers and products to make your lawn the envy of your neighbours!

Fill gaps in borders with instant colour using showy annuals like cosmos, antirrhinum or dahlias

Plant out tender veg like courgettes and squash now there’s no risk of frost

Check garden furniture and replace any broken chairs or worn-out tables ready for long evenings outdoors!

What to do in your garden this week:

What to do in your garden this week:

Job of the week: Water Water Water!

With this prolonged dry spell it's important to check all your plants every day - especially those growing in pots. It's best to water thoroughly in the morning or evening to allow your plants to soak up the moisture before the heat of the day. 

  • Plant out dahlias and other tender exotics
  • Sow perennials like echinacea and coreopsis from seed
  • Trim rockery favourites aubrieta and arabis after flowering
Fruit & veg:  
  • Fill gaps in the plot with fast-growing radish and rocket
  • Sow dwarf French beans direct into containers of multipurpose compost
  • Sow carrots - these late sowings usually escape the carrot root fly.
  • Plants out marrows, pumpkins and summer squash into enriched soil
  • Continue to be vigilant against slug and snail damage and take action immediately
  • Watch out for vine weevils in pots and under benches
Around the garden:
  • Tie in plants to stakes to train them in the direction you want them to grow
  • Install a leaky hose for irrigation to deliver water exactly where it’s needed
  • Mulch bare soil while it’s moist to suppress weeds and improve fertility
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