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It's a great time of year to take stock of the garden to see what has worked well or identify plants that may need moving or areas to tweak. If you need some extra inspiration you can book in for a FREE Mini Design Consultation on Wednesday mornings during October at Ardcarne Garden Centre BOYLE (see below for details).

If you grow your own vegetables or own a polytunnel and want to know what to plant and do now, make sure you come along to a FREE Vegetable Growing Event this Saturday at both our centres (see below).

This is a time of year that we really start to appreciate the beauty of trees as the leaf canopies start colouring or become bejewelled with berries and fruit (like the mountain ash shown above). It's also a great time of year for planting trees - you'll be inspired by our incredible selection of familiar favourites and rare beauties. 


Hope to see you soon

Free Vegetable Growing Event

Free Mini Garden Design Consultations

Interesting New Plants Just In

Clematis urophylla
‘Winter Beauty’

NEW, Evergreen and hardy, Scented white
flowers Dec-March. Resistant to clematis wilt.
Height 4m.

Corylus ‘Purple Umbrella’

NEW. The first weeping purple hazel. Young leaves rich purple, becoming greener. Makes a useful small weeping tree.

Aucuba himalaica var. dolichophylla

Interesting variety of spotted laurel with very narrow leaves, spotted with gold. Good ‘architectural’ plant for a border and grows in very difficult shady areas.

Crinodendron hookerianum ‘Ashmount’

NEW, A selection of the Chilean Lantern tree from an Irish nursery, with pale pink flowers and narrow leaves.

Eucryphia 'Nymansay'

An evergreen columnar tree with white flowers, like single roses, in late summer and early autumn. Grows in any good soil which remains damp (not wet!) in summer. Likes shelter and a sunny position. 

‘Penny’s Pink’ and ‘Molly’s White’

Two fantastic new hellebore varieties with attractive foliage, mottled and veined with silver. The foliage stays evergreen. Flowers are large and plentiful from December to spring


Bulb Event Coming Soon

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