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Well it's official - new research has proven that spending time among trees and nature is beneficial to our health. Of course we gardeners have always suspected as much! As autumn is such a good time for planting trees we thought you'd like to know that we have a Massive Tree Sale this weekend, including some incredible discounts on our large semi-mature trees (Boyle branch). You can also enjoy great savings on Roses & Perennials at both stores. See below for details.


Autumn is also a time to plan ahead and get in those spring flowering bulbs. Bulbs are such hard working and great value plants, often providing a burst of colour each spring for years, perhaps even generations. You'll always be glad you planted those snowdrops, naturalised daffodils, or just a pot full of tulips to brighten up the patio. Get them in now and you can look forward to the magic that bulbs bring to a garden as they break the spell of winter with their vibrant blooms.


Hope to see you soon 


Massive Tree Sale this Weekend


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