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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Happy New Year! This is a time of new beginnings in the garden, as the first brave flowers such as snowdrops poke their noses above the chilly ground. We've lots of other early flowering plants for you to bring some winter cheer to your own garden - see our favourites below.


Our Sale continues until this Sunday 8th January – we've further reductions on all our Christmas Decor - it's a great opportunity to pick up a real bargain!


We've lots of exciting events planned for you this year - see below for details of our FREE Mini Design Consultations.  If you have any suggestions for future events - please let us know. In the meantime may we wish you and your family a very Happy New Year.



Christmas Sale

Free Mini Garden Design Consultations

Plant of the Week: Helleborus


The pretty bells of hellebore flowers ring in the New Year in style, their nodding faces spangling the garden with white, pink and deepest purple from January and February – earlier if you choose December flowering Christmas rose, Helleborus niger.


For the widest choice of colours, though, go for a Lenten rose, Helleborus x hybridus. They come in single and double flowered forms (above), and with speckled or splashed petals. We've also got some of the exciting new hellebore hybrids such as 'Angel Glow' (above right) which is extremely long flowering. 

Come down to the garden centre as the first flowers emerge and pick the ones you like best: add a few to your collection each year to build an explosion of early spring colour.

Winter Flowers

Winter Flowering Heathers

Winter Pansies

Viburnum x Bodnantense 'Dawn'

Winter Box (Sarcococca)

Cheer your garden up with some of these wonderful winter bloomers!

Job of the week: Armchair Gardening

Take the opportunity to sit down with a pencil and paper this week and jot down which areas of the garden need a bit of a re-vamp. If you need some expert advice and inspiration why not book yourself in for a FREE Mini Garden Design Consultation (see above).


  • Stock up on seeds, compost, trays and labels for sowing shortly indoors
  • Pick off any leaves affected by downy mildew from violas and pansies
  • Plant roses for a thrilling summer display of colour and scent
Fruit & veg:
  • Prune gooseberries, redcurrants and whitecurrants
  • Prune grapevines while they’re still dormant to avoid ‘bleeding’
  • Prune back autumn fruiting raspberry canes close to ground level
  • Keep indoor cyclamen cool and well lit, and don’t overwater
  • Prune back overwintered fuchsias by about half and start watering
  • Check heaters to make sure they’re still working properly
Around the garden:
  • Transplant any shrubs or perennials if necessary, while they are fully dormant.
  • Lift terracotta pots onto pot feet to protect from frost
  • Scoop fallen leaves out of ponds


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