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Welcome to this week's newsletter

There's never been a better time to get out in the garden this May Bank Holiday. It's a perfect time to get in those summer flowers and with new plants, full of buds and blooms, being delivered almost everyday at this time of year, you'll always find the freshest and best quality plants for your garden here at Ardcarne Garden Centre.


Of course it's a busy time in the fruit and vegetable garden too and if you want to catch up on what to do now in your polytunnels and vegetable gardens, do come along to a FREE Customer event on growing your own crops this Saturday (see below for details).

Have you noticed ornamental crab apples (see picture above) in flower at the moment? These wonderful small trees are just fabulous for colour now, from flowers and often foliage too. As an encore they usually have colourful fruit later in the year. Come in soon and see our selection of great varieties.


Hope to see you soon 

FREE Polytunnel & Vegetable Event

Plant of the Week: Lithodora

This little known plant is one of the prettiest perennials for this time of year when it becomes generously sprinkled with purest blue flowers. The flowers, which appear above its evergreen leaves, last for weeks - often until mid-summer. 

Lithodora is a great plant for the front of a border or in a rockery and the only requirement it needs is to be planted in a reasonably sunny place with Ericaceous Compost (the same lime-free compost used for rhododendrons)

Job of the week: Protect plants from slugs and snails

Job of the week: Protect plants from slugs and snails

Use slug pellets sparingly on vulnerable plants such as hostas and young vegetable seedlings. If you prefer to garden without chemicals choose SLUGGO, a slug and snail pellet approved for organic growers.



  • Stake perennials early before growth gets too tall or floppy
  • Repot evergreen azaleas, using ericaceous (acidic) compost
  • Plant perennial wallflowers for a burst of colour in May
Fruit & veg:
  • Earth up potatoes to encourage more tubers to form up the stems
  • Hoe regularly between rows of veg to discourage weeds
  • Plant pot-grown fruit trees and fruit bushes
  • Continue sowing tomato seeds – they’ll germinate quickly in warm conditions
  • Plant up grow bags with cucumbers and green peppers
  • Pot up dahlia tubers to grow on before transplanting outside
Around the garden:
  • Re-seed patches of bare soil in the lawn, watering well
  • Dig out perennial weeds like docks by the roots
  • Thoroughly water newly planted shrubs, trees and hedges in any dry spells until they establish


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