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It's a great time now to plant up all your pots with summer bedding for a dazzling display of colour this year. If you'd like to discover how to plant up containers and choose the best plants why not come along to a FREE Container Planting Demo this Saturday? (see details below).


You'll find one of the best selections of perennials plants (the ones that come back every year) in the country, here at Ardcarne Garden Centre and many are just budding up now on our plant benches. Buy them as they bloom and you can see exactly what you’re getting; plus you’ll have an instant splash of colour for the garden that just gets better each year.


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Just a reminder that we have a Free Draw to win some Tickets to Bloom Flower Show, taking place over the June Bank Holiday. Enter Free with every purchase.


Thanks to our association with the Show's organisers, Bord Bia, you can also get a discount on the online ticket price by quoting BBS17. Book tickets here 


One of the inspirational gardens at The Bloom Flower Show 2016

Free Container Planting Demo this Saturday

Incredible Edibles

There's still plenty of time to plant up or sow some vegetables this year. We've a huge selection of seeds and ready-to-go young vegetables plants right now, which will give you plenty of tasty crops quickly and easily. For those with a polytunnel or glasshouse, we've a nice selection of tomato plants, aubergines, peppers and cucumber, plus one or two unusual types for the adventurous grower! 


3 trays of vegetable plants

only €10

Plant of the Week: Hardy Geranium

Plant of the Week: Hardy Geranium

“When in doubt – plant a geranium!” declared plantswoman and gardener Margery Fish, and her advice remains as true today as ever. Hardy geraniums (not the bedding types!) are as reliable as they come, blooming for weeks in summer (and often come back for a second flush if you cut them back after flowering).

The choice of hardy geraniums is quite substantial and you'll find varieties that will thrive in all kinds of soil, sun or part shade, and smother the ground with masses of flowers in pink, white, blue or mauve. If you’re stuck for the right plant to fill a gap, a geranium is probably what you need: pop down to the garden centre and you’re sure to find the perfect one for the job.


Geranium 'Rozanne' (pictured) was recently voted 'The plant of the Century'.Buy one today and see why!

Geranium 'Rozanne' Only €8.99

Job of the week: Water Plants

Job of the week: Water Plants

It may sound obvious, but newly planted trees, shrubs, hedging, perennials and indeed all plants, will need thorough watering until they establish. Despite some recent heavy showers, the ground, and especially the compost in containers and baskets, can remain dry under the surface. Water in the morning or evening to reduce evaporation and allow the plants a long cool drink. Then go and treat yourself to one!


  • Prune overgrown camellias as they start putting on fresh growth
  • Coppice eucalyptus to encourage lots of pretty juvenile foliage
  • Prune spring-flowering shrubs like forsythia and ribes
Fruit & veg:
  • Net strawberries as they ripen
  • Harvest up to half the stems of established rhubarb clumps
  • Remove raspberry suckers encroaching onto paths
  • Open vents to reduce high temperatures and damp down the ground to increase humidity
  • Remove baby rosettes from succulents like Echeveria and pot up
  • Hang up yellow sticky traps among plants to catch whitefly
Around the garden:
  • Mow paths through long grass left for wildflowers to colonise
  • Clip back new growth on yew to keep hedges neat
  • Turn compost regularly to ensure fast and thorough decomposition


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