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Welcome to this week's newsletter

Autumn can be a lovely time of year with the light is mellowing and gorgeous tints seeping into tree canopies. Today is actually National Tree Day and to help celebrate the beauty and benefits of trees we have special Tree Event this Saturday (see below) and also a whopping 20% off all our ornamental trees, all weekend. 

Autumn is a fantastic time for planting trees and indeed all kinds of outdoor plants and the ground is still warm and the roots settle in before the winter. There's plenty of seasonal colour for pots around too from flowers, berries and foliage. Make sure to call in if your pots need refreshing. 

PS There are still a few spaces left for a FREE Mini Garden Consultation at the end of October (Weds mornings). See below for details.

Did you know...BOYLE is the recipient of the Bank of Ireland Most Enterprising Town Award 2017. To celebrate this accolade the town will host an Enterprise & Innovation Event this Friday evening, 6th October, 6.30pm - 9pm in the Spool Factory, Patrick Street (formerly the original Roscommon Herald building). Come along and meet local businesses including Ardcarne Garden Centre and other community groups. The event promisies to be a fantastic showcase of local enterprise and community with special guest Bobby Kerr, entrepreneur and business man. Admission is free.


Hope to see you soon

Tree Event with James Wickham

Free Mini Garden Design Consultations

Job of the week: Plant bluebells & spring bulbs

Job of the week: Plant bluebells & spring bulbs

This is a great time to plant bulbs for adding a splash of colour to your garden and containers next spring. You'll find a huge range now at Ardcarne Garden Centre, including tulips, daffodils, alliums, crocus, fritillarias and a range of bulbs for naturalising such as Bluebells and Snowdrops. 


  • Trim back lavender if you haven't done so already.
  • Plant Hyacinths in pots of free-draining compost
  • Plant new perennials into beds so they can put down new roots before winter

Fruit & veg:                 

  • Continue to harvest crops as they mature.
  • Store onions that have been dried, plaiting them into strings
  • Apply barrier glue or grease bands to fruit trees against winter moth


  • Reduce watering and feeding as plants are growing more slowly
  • Bring tender plants indoors for winter
  • Watch out for vine weevil grubs in the soil as they’ll be eating roots

Around the garden:    

  • Re-seed bare patches in the lawn while the weather is still warm
  • Give evergreen hedges a final trim while there’s still time for recovery before winter
  • Cut back early flowering perennials that have already died back for the winter. Compost all the old stems and leaves.
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