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"PETA, (Practical, Ergonomic & Therapeutic Aids), was established in 1975 by Lionel Crockett. Lionel had previously been working as a designer in the electronics industry but became aware, through a Radio 4 broadcast by the Disabled Living Foundation (DLF), of the lack of manufacturers designing items for people with disabilities; consequently he turned his design skills to address these needs.

"In the early 1990’s Lionel developed a range of garden tools for a friend who had arthritis and found it strained her hand and wrist to use conventional style tools. To better understand the needs of disabled gardeners Lionel contacted Thrive, the charity for social and therapeutical horticulture, and developed close links with this organisation. The wellbeing benefits of gardening have been particularly recognised since the Covid-19 pandemic as people have turned their attention to making their outdoor space a haven for wildlife and tranquillity.

OUR MISSION: To improve the quality of day-to-day life for those with grip difficulties through the design and distribution of high quality products with excellent customer service, whilst trading ethically and socially responsibly." PETA [uk] Ltd.


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