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Garden Plant of the moment: Peach tree

Is there anything more delicious than a ripe, juicy peach? Gardeners have been growing peaches in Ireland for centuries, you only need a warm sunny garden.

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with these nature inspired decorations

Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated each year in honour of the Saint born in the late 4th century and later kidnapped aged 16 when he was sent as a slave to Ireland. He escaped and eventually established monasteries, schools and many churches. It is said that he used the Shamrock to describe the Trinity and because of that, Saint Patrick’s Day is a huge celebration everywhere around the world for Irish people and there are always plenty of Shamrocks involved. There are many ways to celebrate, and if you put on your own party, here are some fun decorating ideas! 

Indoor style: Vintage Romance

Who doesn't love a bit of romance? By styling your home with a touch of vintage romance, you’ll feel relaxed every day, if you are working from home, chilling out after a day in the office or busy keeping on top of the chores, add a touch of sass as well and you’ll feel like there is no place like home. Have a read through these four tips for a vintage romantic indoor style.

Restoring your lawn in spring

We all love the look of a lush green lawn, but keeping it that way can be a headache. Bare patches, moss and weeds are just some of the problems that face gardeners in their quest for the perfect piece of turf. But with a bit of maintenance, you can achieve a lawn to be proud of.

What to do in the garden in March?

In March, you can practically feel life flooding back into the garden. Spring bulbs are flowering and buds are appearing on branches. It’s a glorious time to be out of doors, watching the new gardening year begin again, and here are a few jobs for you to be getting on with this month.

Lawn Care Clinic

Drop in anytime to our Lawn Care Clinic. Help is on hand to solve your lawn care problems. Advice on keeping your lawn in tip top shape year round.

Seed Sowing Event

Kick start your St. Patrick's Day weekend with a masterclass in seed sowing!

How to Grow Herbs in Pots

FREE Short Demonstrations. Discover how to grow your own fresh and tasty herbs in pots.

Houseplant of the month: the Lily

The Lily offers endless possibilities. With more than 100 kinds of lilies, there is not only a huge variety in shape, colour and motif, also in size and smell. Whether you are looking to decorate a quiet and serene corner within the house, or want to make an area notable, the Lily can do it all.