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Looking after wildlife: Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are Britain’s favourite wild creatures, and they’re especially loved by gardeners thanks to their habit of eating slugs. Sadly, their numbers have dropped by 30% in the last decade, so taking care of hedgehogs has never been more important.

How to plant trees and shrubs?

Autumn to springtime from October to April is the perfect time to plant trees and shrubs so they establish over the winter months. Planting bare root or container plants can be done over the colder months of the year keeping your green fingers working during winter and it helps to get some of the bigger jobs done before springtime comes around!

Plant of the Week: Osmanthus

Once a year in spring, it bursts into blossom and steals the show, each snowy-white cluster of flowers richly scented to fill your garden with sweet perfume.

Grow something different: create your own window farm!

Create a Window Farm to grow something different. If you want to grow your own vegetables but have little space, or even to try something completely new to usual, a window farm is a great way to maximise space and be creative.

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Pick your perfect Tree

It's time to #LoveARealTree

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Take part in the National Bird Watch Survey

Enjoy the National Bird Watch Survey from December to February and see what you can find in your garden. Sharing our garden spaces with wildlife is not only such a treat but also essential to maintain habitat and ecosystems! 

Top 3 products you'll need for your DIY bottle garden

Terrariums have grown in popularity tremendously in recent years along with the houseplant trend, so it’s a great way to put your green fingers to use along with making an on trend statement in your home

Create a Bohemian indoor style

Create an indoor Bohemian style to give your interiors a lovely new look and feel. Boho chic is super stylish and very easy to achieve with the right plants and accessories

Filter winter gales

Plant shelterbelts of shrubs or multi-stemmed trees to filter winter gales down to a gentle breeze, protecting vegetable crops and allowing you to grow a greater variety of plants in your garden. Place they carefully and they’ll also screen eyesores such as wheely bins, ugly fencing and walls.