Christmas Lights

At Ardcarne Garden Centre we stock a wide range of Christmas lighting to suit all your needs, whether you are looking to brighten up your garden or your home.

Please note that the items listed are no longer available to order but will be available again, along with our new stock when the Christmas season begins again later in 2024.


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Here at Ardcarne Garden Centre our Christmas Tree Lights are from Lumineo, which have been a world leading brand of lighting for over 10 years.

Lumineo LED lights are up to 10 times more economical than the traditional Christmas light bulbs
as they use less power, resulting in a saving of energy costs straight away. Furthermore LED lighting guarantees a long lifespan and the light bulbs are unbreakable.

All of our Lumineo Christmas lights come with a timer, which is a time switch that controls when the lights go on and off. This prevents energy wastage.

The cost of lighting your tree 30 days and 8 hours per day is less than 1 Euro. Cheaper than buying a cup of coffee or Equivalent to 1 x load of 60° laundry.

Rest assured in turning the Christmas tree on therefore.

It doesn’t need to cost a great deal to make your home feel like Christmas

Energy Usage and Costs: